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Durant Tuition

* Enrollment & Insurance Fee:  Non-refundable; due at time of re-enrollment/enrollment.  Payable to Victory Life Academy.  

** Activity, Books & Supplies, Processing and Lab Fees:  Non-refundable; outstanding fee balance will be due in full upon withdrawal.   

Senior Book Fees: are based on the number of classes they are enrolled in at $75/class so this amount could vary depending on courses taken.

Included in Senior Tuition:  Diploma preparation, senior activities coordinating, ACT/SAT preparation assistance, scholarship preparation, career counseling, college/continued education counseling, transcript and student records information. 

School Supplies The lists are available at the office or online to purchase for PK-12. If extra supplies are needed then the teacher will inform the parents.  

Sports Fees: 5-12 Grade students who wish to participate in sports are required to pay the following fees per sport for the 2017-18 school year: 5-8 Grade sports are 100.00 PER sport to participate, and Varsity sports are 150.00 PER sport to participate. This will help the school cover the maintenance fees and uniform fees for the separate activities. 

Extended Care: Offered by VLA’s Child Development Center.  Registration packets are available from the CDC office. 


1ST YEAR INCENTIVE PROGRAM:  One child from each family attending Victory Life Academy for their first time has a 50% OFF Tuition Discount opportunity for the school year. Discount does not apply to fees other than tuition, and is only for K-8th grades. (Pre-K Students are not eligible for discount– However tuition assistance is available!) 


$250 = 2nd student $350 DISCOUNT = 3rd student $400 DISCOUNT = 4th student

Please call the office for discounts of 5 or more students.

SENIOR DISCOUNT:  Any Senior enrolled in five classes or less is eligible for a 5% tuition discount in addition to their 10% discount for concurrent enrollment.

PAYMENT IN FULL:  2% if paid in full by first day of school       1% if paid in full per semester (Aug & Jan)

TUITION ASSISTANCE:  VLA will provide scholarships on an as-needed basis and as the Lord provides. Please call the office for tuition assistance details and application.


CAFETERIA:  Lunch:  PK – 4th Grade - $3.50 daily / Hotplate lunch price includes drink.

                                       5th – 12th Grade - $4.00 daily / Hotplate lunch price includes drink. 

FACTS:  $45 yearly per family processing fee. 

Books & Supplies Fees, Lab Fees, Activity Fees and Tuition are payable in 12 monthly installments (June-May) through FACTS. 

RETURN CHECK FEE:  A fine of $25.00 will be charged for returned checks.

LATE FEE:  Delinquency on outstanding balances for RenWeb tuition, fundraiser amounts due, cafeteria bills, library fees, etc. will be subject to a late fee of $25 if not brought current within 30 days.



3412 W. University /// Durant, OK /// 74701
Phone - (580) 920-0850 /// Fax - (580) 920-9923
Office Hours - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. /// School Hours - 8:00 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.